We have a true passion for food.


Our vision as a family is to bring you food to delight, and create a dining experience to nourish your soul. Our experienced team love working with the finest ingredients to create fantastic food you will remember. Whether it be a long brunch, or a quick lunch on the run, you will enjoy every bite at the Pink Peppercorn!




Mushrooms                                     $1.00

Sausage                                            $3.50

Bacon                                               $3.50

Smoked Salmon                              $3.70

Hash Brown                                     $3.50

Tomato                                            $1.00

Spinach                                            $1.00

Eggs Benedict                                    $20.50

English Muffin With Poached Eggs, Hollandaise Sauce & Spinach


Smoked Salmon                                

Everything Thanks                        $22.50

Bacon, Sausage & Eggs With Hash Brown, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach & Baked Beans 

Heuvos Rancheros                        $18.00

Scrambled Eggs With Chorizo & Tomato Salsa On A Flour Tortilla 


Herb & Cheese                                 $16.00

Ham & Tomato                                 $17.50

Smoked Salmon & Red Onion         $18.50

Two Eggs                                          $10.50

Scrambled, Fried Or Poached With Toasted Turkish Bread 

Bacon & Eggs                                    $14.95

Choice Of Scrambled, Fried Or Poached With Tomato & Roasted Turkish Bread 

Breakfast Wrap                                 $13.95

Toasted With Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Spinach, Cheese With Tomato Relish & Salad

Savoury Mince                                   $16.50

With Poached Egg & Toast 

House-Made Boston Baked Beans

With Toasted Turkish Bread                 $8.50

Turkish Toastie

Bacon, Fried Egg, Cheese & Bbq Sauce $11.00

Toasts & Spreads                                $3.50

Two Slices Of White, Multigrain Or Wholemeal With Butter & Spread 

Woodfired Fruit Toast

With Butter                                             $6.80


Thai Beef Salad                                      $16.00

Seared Thai Marinated Beef Strips Served On 

An Asian Salad Topped With Roasted Peanuts 


Beef Lasagne                                          $9.00

Layers Pasta Sheets With Bolognese Sauce & Creamy

 White Sauce Finished With Tasty Cheese & Fresh Parsley 


Beer Battered Fish                                $17.95

Served With Chunky Beer Battered Chips, 

House Salad, Tartare Sauce & A Lemon Wedge 


Risotto                                                     $16.00

Arborio Rice With Slow Roasted Pumpkin, Pine Nuts

& Baby Spinach Topped With Fresh Shaved Parmesan 


Steak Sandwich                                     $15.95

Rib Fillet, BBQ Sauce, Sautéed Onions, Beetroot, Tomato, Mesculin & Cheese On Toasted Turkish Bread Served With Beer Battered Chips 


Toasted Piadina Wrap                            $14.95

Avocado, Chicken Breast, Brie & Baby Spinach Served With House Salad 

Sandwiches Fresh or Toasted              $6.70

Ham, Chicken, Roast Beef, Cornmeat With You Choice Of Carrot, Cucumber, Mesculin, Beetroot, Tomato, Red Onion Or Cheese

Add Avocado                                            $0.60

Add Brie                                                     $1.00

Quiche                                                        $8.50


Ricotta Slice (Gf, V)                               $6.50

Assorted Frittatas                                 $6.50

Zucchini & Bacon Slice                        $6.50

Filos                                                          $6.95


Avocado & Brie

Butter Chicken

Spinach & Feta (V)        

Gourmet Pies                                       $6.95


Bacon & Cheese

Chicken & Bacon


Chunky Beef     

Salmon Rissole


Tartare Sauce & A Lemon Wedge         $6.00

Beer Battered Chips                            $6.00

Side Salad                                                 $4.50

Side Chips                                                $4.50

Side Combo 

Chips & Salad                                          $6.50

Green Salad

Add Meat (Chicken, Ham)                      $12.50

(Roast Beef Or Cornmeat)                     $13.50

Deli Salad (Changes Daily)

Small                                                          $7.00

Large                                                         $13.50

Light Meals